Introduction to Audio Visual Media

1. Radio

Radio as a medium of mass communication, characteristics of radio – historical perspective, with special reference to India; types of ownership, audience, commercial radio, educational radio, emerging trends, AM, FM, franchising, community Radi

Must know 7  hours
2. Television

Television as a medium of mass communication – Characteristics, Ownership; Organisational structure of Doordarshan, Satellite television channels, Cable television, Educational television, Commercial television, Recent trends in Television broadcasting


Must know


7 Hours
3. Film

Films – nature, historical, background, technical aspects of film production, film industry in India, status issues, problems, regional cinema, future prospects



Must Know



7 Hours

4. Outdoor Media

Hoardings, Banners, Bus Panel boards, Posters

Must know 7 Hours
5. Multimedia

Video Conference and Power Presentations

Must know 7 Hours
Admissions Open 2019-20