Largest Air Conditioned Shooting floor

Mass Communication and Media Technology faculty has the largest air-conditioned film and television shooting floor (approximately 3600 square feet) in north India, which is not only fully air-conditioned but has attached, fully functional Production Control Rooms. The shooting floor has also the facility for Chroma-key (Green Screen) and a Giant Projection Screen (20feet x 18 feet). Students, as well as professional film and television units, can build up their sets on the floor and shoot their shows, series and films.

Air-conditioned Class Rooms & Labs

The faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology at SGT University boasts of world class infrastructure. All the class rooms, labs, editing suites, TV Studio and shooting studios are air-conditioned. The class rooms are fitted with latest and state of the art Audio-visual equipment like Projectors, Computers and sound system.

Community TV and Community Radio Station

The faculty is in the process of setting up a huge community TV and radio station which will be a boon for the local population, both rural and urban which is in the vicinity of the University. All the programming will be done by the technicians and students of the Mass Communication Faculty. The Mass Communication faculty has proposed that its students from Journalism and film streams will be trained at this facility as well and they will be producing content for both radio and television from this facility. The meritorious students will also be provided the job opportunities at the community TV and Radio set-up.

Media Museum

We learn from history and from our past. For this very reason Mass Communication faculty has created a Media Museum where audio visual production equipment which was used over last few decades and which has now been phased out is displayed for the students as well as general public to get a glimpse of now obsolete technology. Most of the equipment has been donated by many known film & video professionals, most notably amongst them renowned documentary film maker Mr. Pramod Mathur and his wife.

Television Studio with PCR

The faculty of Mass Communication has a fully functional Television Studio with attached PCR which is fitted with state of the art production facilities like vision mixers, tele-prompters, broadcast cameras, on screen text-generators (VTWs), cool lights and talk back systems. Here the students practice their news-room skills and also assist technicians on the many in-house programs of the university, the flag bearer of which is the e-learning series produced by SGT on a regular (almost daily) basis.

Production Equipment & Technicians

The Mass Communication Faculty has a large ensemble of production equipment needed for Student Productions as well as in-house programming needs. 6 SONY cameras, 9 Cannon DSLR cameras with lenses and filters, Cool Lights, Tungsten Lights, Ground and Stand reflectors, Skimmers, Cutters, Gun microphones with Boom Rods, RF Microphones and field Audio Mixers are some of the professional grade equipment the university owns.  The entire production facility is controlled by a studio manager who marshals a team of 3 Cameraman, 4 still photographers, 2 editors, one VFX & Graphics artist, two audio-video engineers and a store keeper.

Editing suites & Graphic stations

Two editing bays running on iMAC platforms loaded with Final Cut Pro are at the disposal of the faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology. Here highly experienced and efficient editors guide students into editing of programs as well as editing all the in-house programs. All workshops, industrial visits, visits of dignitaries, cultural programs of the university are shaped here and all the raw-data is stored on the high end servers. All student productions too are shaped here – rough assembled, fine cut, audio laying, sfx and final mastering is done on these terminals. A graphic station feeds the editing suites with all the graphics and Vfx shots needed by all the productions.