Film Studies

1 Language of cinema

Continuity: space & time

Different screen elements & Mise-en-scene

Continuous action, compression & expansion of time and concepts of editing

Dimensions of Sound: onscreen & off-screen, sync and non-sync, sound effects, and silence, dialogues, ambient sound, background score & musical tracks.




Must know




10 hours

2 Stages of Film Production

Development stage



Post Production


Promotion & Release




Must know




8 Hours

3 Scriptwriting

Narrative Composition: 3 plot structure

Characterization & Dramatic Structure

Scriptwriting formats

Step outline & shot break down

Screen Play, Storyboarding & shooting script

Script selection

Writing a proposal




Must Know




10 Hours

4 Production

Key members of film production unit

Role of producer & director

Role of production manager

Budgeting & budgeting formats

Scheduling & Reece

Casting and source of casting



Must know



8 Hours

5 Film Theories

Early experiments & magic lantern

Narrative and non-narrative

Film Genres

French New wave & Italian neo-realism

Early Indian cinema & golden era

Evolution of documentary films

Case study of famous movies




Must know




8 Hours
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