Advanced Television Production

1 Lighting Techniques

Importance of lighting in television production. Basics of lighting techniques

Three point lighting, Lighting equipment and their usage

Use of filters and reflectors.


Must know

Nice to know


10 hours

2 Sound Recording Techniques

Ambient sound, narration, dialogue and voice over Types of microphones and their use

Operation of audio-visual mixers for recording and editing.


Must Know


10 Hours

3 Video  Editing

Principles of video editing

Linear and nonlinear editing

Continuity and non-continuity editing, Conceptualization through post-production

Video editing techniques: cut, mix, wipe, fade in/out and dissolve

Use of cut-away and cut-ins

Teasers, Promo and Montage

Sequencing and editing news packages

Digital effects and post-production.


Nice to Know

Must Know


10 hours
4 Television Anchoring Skills   

Voice broadcast skills: pronunciation, flow, modulation, body gesturing, Facing a camera, Eye contact

Anchoring chat shows, Makeup: importance of makeup and dressing sense for TV anchoring.


Must know

Nice to know


10 Hours

5 Television News Reading and Presentation                                                                                                                                        

News presentation

News Analysis

Panel Discussion

Talk Show

Studio and field interviews


Use of teleprompter

Handling live and recorded bulletins.

Must know 10 Hours