Media Law and Ethics


1.  Freedom of speech and expression


1.       Constitutional Provisions

2.       Fundamental right

3.       Scope of Freedom of speech and expression

4.       Article 19(1)(a)

5.       Why to protect freedom of speech?

6.       Press and freedom of speech

7.       Grounds of Restrictions

8.       Defamation and freedom of speech


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2. Right to Information Act

 1.       Background of RTI

2.       RTI 2005

3.       Important provisions of RTI

4.       Objective of the Right to Information Act

5.       How to use RTI to get information

6.       The Central Information Commission

7.       The State Information Commission

8.       Powers and functions of the Information Commissions, appeal and penalties





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3. Defamation

1.       History of Defamation and the First Amendment

2.       Basics of defamation

3.       Legal provisions

4.       Kinds of defamation

5.       Social media and defamation

6.       Public officials and figures and defamation

7.       Defamation law in USA



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4. Contempt of Court

1.       Legal aspect of contempt of court

2.       Contempt of court Act 1971

3.       Punishment for contempt of court

4.       Points to be kept in mind while reporting legal issues



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5. Broadcast Laws

1.       History of Broadcast Laws India

2.       Prasar Bharti

3.       Cable TV Regulation Act Self-regulation, issues and legal intervention


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6. Cinematograph Act

1.       Legal provisions Issues and Amendments

2.       Central Board of Film Certification

3.       Principles for guidance in certifying films

4.       Certification of films

5.       Legal basis of censorship


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7. Information Technology Act 2008

1.       Main provisions and amendments important cases

2.       ITAA-2006

3.       Legal Recognition of Electronic Records

4.       Legal recognition of Electronic Signature


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