Basic of TV Production

1 Introduction to Visual Communication                                                                                   

Visual grammar

Parts of video camera and their functions,

Camera support system

Basic camera shots, angles and movements, Lenses: different types of lenses and their application

Camera mounting, White/black balancing, Video shooting with professional TV cameras.

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10 hours
2 Television News Writing                                                                                                                

Basic principles of news writing

News writing format

Planning, production and compilation of news bulletin and programs,

Headline writing, Television news reporting: interview techniques, Piece to camera, Voice-over.


Must know

10 Hours
3 Writing for Television Programs                                                                                                

Writing for television: concept, treatment, script visualization

Storyboard and screenplay

Writing for varied TV programs.



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8 Hours

4 Television Production                                                                                                                      Stages of TV Production: pre-production, production and post-production

Electronic News Gathering (ENG) & Electronic Field Production (EFP)

Single camera shooting

Multi-camera shooting

Field and studio production

TV industry personnel and their role in planning studio programs, Cues and commands.




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12 Hours