Public Relations

1 Introduction to Public Relations

Definition, Concept and Scope,

PR as a communication function,

History of PR,

Growth of PR in India,

Publicity, Propaganda, Public opinion, Lobbying,

PR as a management function, Difference between PR and Advertising.


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10  hours

2 Communication with the Public

Internal and external public,

Community relations

Employee relations

Shareholder relations

Dealer relations

PR practitioners and media relations: press conferences, press releases and other PR tools.


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3 Role of Public Relations in Different Sectors                                                                                                                   

Stages of PR planning process

Crisis management: concepts and practices

PR for hospitals, PR for charitable institutions, Defense PR, PR for NGOs, PR for political parties and celebrities


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15 Hours
4- Professional Organizations of PR

PR and law Public Relations Society of India (PRSI)

PR and new technology,

Code of ethics for PR,

International PR, Emerging trends in PR and e-PR.

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15 Hours