Basics of Radio Production

1. Introduction to Sound Recording  

Properties of sound, Sound recording techniques, Types of microphones and their uses, Field and studio recording skills

Must know 10  hours
2.  Basics of Radio Program                                                                                                                                       

Writing for the ear, Spoken word, Radio program formats: entertainment, talk, discussion, panel discussion, radio-play, radio newsreel, feature and documentary, radio magazine, commentary, Interview and discussion shows, Vox-Pop, Phone-In, Chat show, Teasers, Promos, Signature tune and Radio Jingle, Radio commercials, Voice dispatches

Must know 10 Hours
3. Reporting and Writing for Radio News

News writing, Structuring radio-copy, Editing agency copy, Reporter’s copy, Compiling radio news programs, News capsuling, Writing for programs, Writing for radio commercials


Must Know

10 Hours
4.  Writing for Radio Programs 

Writing for radio-play, feature, documentary, commentary, entertainment shows, Copy with sound effects

Must know 10 Hours
5. Management of Radio Stations                                                                                                                                         

Radio station management in public and private sectors, Accountability and code of ethics (with special reference to AIR), Radio program rating, Audience research and marketing strategies for radio.

Must know 10 Hours