I Semester

English Communication

Basics of Radio

Introduction to Media & Mass Communication

Introduction to Journalism

Contemporary Issues & Current Affairs I

Introduction to  Photography

Hindi Communication


II Semester

Enviornmental Studies

Reporting & Editing for Print

Television Journalism

Contemporary Issues & Current Affairs II

Introduction to Advertising & Public Relations

Advanced Photography


III Semester

Digital Media

Advance Reporting/Anchoring

Contemporary Issues & Current Affairs III

Film Studies


IV Semester

Basics of TV Production

Media Laws & Ethics

Media Management

Corporate Communication, Brand Management & Event Management


V Semester

Advance TV Production

Basics of Media Research & Data Journalism

Development Journalism & Social Issues

Visual Communication & Graphics


VI Semester

Project – Media Research And Presentation

Projects – Print Media. Ad/Pr, TV Production / Documentary

Internship 30 to 45 days